Saturday, 20 October 2012

Seville Park Water Play, east of Melbourne

After last weekend the minimens' little legs were tired and the weather less certain so we decided to do something a bit less strenuous.

Hubby had been to Seville Park last year when the water was turned off at the water play so we thought we'd give it a go. It's a normal park in the yarra valley area except that 60 odd years ago the local residents decided to build themselves a swimming pool (there's a great photo of Miss Victoria in her swimsuit and high heels parading past the appraising towns women sitting fully dressed in the bleachers at the opening ceremony).

The pool got old and the council replaced it a year or so ago with a water play area. It's just a park on an unprepossessing bit of land in a not particularly attractive setting, but the water play makes the 30 minute drive out from our place in the eastern suburbs just about worthwhile.

Seville Park Water Play
At first site I admit I was a little disappointed, I'd built it up in my mind to be more than it was. And the setting, largely unfenced and in one looks like a light industrial area was not what I'd had in mind. Even worse, the water wasn't flowing! Groan! That probably explained why the place was completely deserted.

I did remember though that there was supposed to be a secret button somewhere so we decided to have a quick search.


Although the place is a decent size we hoped it wouldn't be too well hidden! Nothing too obvious but there were to pictures like this splash above on the ground at different ends of the wet area, each with a hard centre. You can't feel anything when you stand on them but within about 30 seconds it starts!
The fountains to the left, nearest the boulders, come on first. The rest follow in a sequence lasting a few minutes varying the location, number and height of the fountains and creating little rivers as the water flows away.

First fountains to come on

The minimen absolutely loved it. We'd brought a change of clothes so we let them run through to their hearts content, enjoying the squeals when the got caught out. Before long another family joined in who lived close but didn't know it was there as it only gets turned on in the summer.

Little Fountains
The whole thing is meant to represent a river system from mountain to sea.

The Mountain
The Rivers
The Upper River

The Delta
Out To Sea
The minimen loved the boulder area of the Delta as much as the fountains, and spent a fair amount of time running through these tunnels. They were dry while we were there but no idea if they always are.
We probably spent two hours there all told and even then the minimen werent ready to leave. There was a little play park too but the kids completely ignored it.

Marks for this place? If you live within half an hour or less, and its a nice sunny day, warm enough to let the kids get wet then I'd recommend it. I'd think it would be packed in summer but probably making it even more fun for the kids, and its somewhere to go for an hour or so. The main negative was a smashed glass bottle on one of the paths exiting the wet area but I suspect/hope during the summer proper it will be better maintained.

We'll go again but not often and only on days when we want to get out but haven't got any other plans. Probably best for pre-teen kids.

Seville Water Play Park
Corner of Warburton Highway and Monbulk-Seville Road, Seville.
Opening Hours (as reported at the time of the blog, check the website for updates)
Not lockable. Water is turned on during summer months.
Yes, free parking adjacent to the park.
Yes, basic. Baby changer was broken during our visit.
Café/ Refreshments
Picnic/ BBQ area
Plenty of grass and a picnic table. The website says there is BBQ but we didn't notice it.
Gift Shop
No, wouldn't expect one, just a park.
Definitely a park where active supervision of the kids is needed. There is also a creek a little way behind the park.


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